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"A clubhouse must be made functional before it is made beautiful."

Club Design Group offers a complete range of clubhouse renovation planning and interior design services. What can we do for you? Click on a Topic below for Service Descriptions.


Is your club meeting the needs of its members?

The typical member survey can be effective at determining what members don't like about a clubhouse, but determining what people actually want requires an entirely different approach to information gathering. Plus, with a Baby Boomer turning 60 every 8 seconds, can your club afford to make major renovation decisions without considering the expectations of soon-to-be-retiring Boomers?

CDG understands the implications of generational differences in facilities planning. We can help you assess the current and not-so-distant future needs of your club facilities.

Where do you start? When do you start? How do you get started? What pitfalls do you need to avoid? How much will you need to invest to make desired changes? Which changes make the most sense in terms of ROI?

CDG can help you answer these and many other renovation planning questions.

Every clubhouse renovation project is unique. Some small-scale projects involve significant complexity. Some large-scale projects are relatively straightforward. Knowing the difference can save you money. CDG can help you find the right architect, general contractor, and other specialists for the particular needs of your project.

For a given budget, where are the best places to invest your FF&E dollars?

Developing a realistic and acceptable FF&E Budget for interior finish-out is crucial to a successful project outcome. While the structure and layout of a clubhouse play a role, it is the interior finish-out (including architectural details, millwork, lighting, furnishings, finishes, artwork and accessories) that makes the space truly enjoyable.

Using a formula from a construction manual (or, worse, an arbitrary number) is a mistake that will likely result in FF&E Budget overruns.

CDG knows how to produce the best Return on Design Investment (RDI) through proper FF&E Budgeting.

Many clubs require membership approval before a project commences. CDG is experienced in organizing and delivering effective membership presentations that result in member approval.

Flooring and seating are major investments for most clubhouses. You want them to last as long as possible. If you are not happy with your current FF&E maintenance program, CDG can advise you on the best methods for maintaining the appearance and extending the life of your investment flooring, furnishings, and finishes.


A careful study of how facilities operate is required in order to produce a floor plan that maximizes utility and supports operational efficiency.

Efficient floor plans address traffic patterns, storage needs, adjacencies, room capacities, multiple use spaces, noise abatement, proximities, code compliance issues, and a myriad of other operational considerations.

Millwork Design includes bars, cabinetry, service stations, hostess stands, display cases, room dividers, trim moldings, and more. From concept to construction drawings, CDG does it all.

Does your club have a noise problem? Poor acoustic qualities can have a huge impact on a club's revenues and bottom line.

A licensed interior designer with clubhouse experience should know how to reach the proper balance of aesthetics and functionality in order to improve the quality of sound transmission in large and small spaces alike.

CDG can design or recommend an acoustic solution to solve your noise problem.

Lighting plays a variety of roles in a clubhouse environment: operational, safety and welfare, accents, point of interest, and setting the mood.

Properly designed lighting solutions contain a perfect blend of form and function. They can save money on your energy bill, too.

CDG can design custom lighting solutions or specify standard fixtures to meet the needs of your clubhouse.

In addition to all of the above, commercial interior design involves the development of interior architectural details and reflected ceiling plans, ADA Code compliance, Fire Code compliance, signage design, and specification of materials suitable for withstanding the wear and tear of a hospitality environment.

Interior decorating involves the development of color themes and the selection of finishes, furniture, fixtures, floor coverings, window treatments, plus artwork and accessories. If your club is looking for an update of furnishings and finishes, CDG can save you time and money.


A typical renovation project can have 150 or more FF&E line items. Bringing all of these items together at the right time requires massive planning and organizational skills.

Procurement Management involves a series of tasks ranging from price negotiation and ordering to shipping, tracking, receiving, storing, and delivering items to the jobsite. Proper scheduling and detailed financial management are crucial elements, too.

CDG has an experienced Procurement Manager who is completely focused on getting the right product at the right price delivered to the right place at the right time.

Large-scale renovations are complex. It is important to engage the services of a design firm skilled in managing complex production, scheduling, communication, and coordination issues.

When it comes to Project Management, CDG enjoys a superior reputation with clients, architects, and contractors alike. They want to work with us because of our professional, team-oriented attitude. From construction meeting collaboration to supervising the installation of design details, CDG offers the finest Project Management services available.