When should an Interior Design firm be introduced to the renovation or new construction process?

The answer is simple: very early.

While the scale of some projects may require an architect and/or contractor at the earliest stage, a professional Interior Design firm can save you time and money when introduced very early in the design process. Why? Interior Designers are specifically trained in space planning, floor planning, traffic flow, ADA code compliance, and functionality issues. They are the experts on the subject of interior usage. They also work directly with architects and contractors on lighting requirements and acoustical issues.

When an Interior Design firm is introduced early, they can assess the needs of the club without a bias toward extensive renovations. If extensive renovations are part of the club's intentions, then introducing an Interior Design firm early allows collaboration with other design/build professionals from inception. When an Interior Design firm is introduced later in the process, they often recommend much needed changes to plans that have already been developed.

Starting a project with an Interior Design firm costs nothing extra. Introducing an Interior Design firm after plans have been drawn-up often requires changes that will cost time and money.